Boeing Fuselage


Spirit Areosystems located in Wichita, Kansas, produces these 737 fuselages for Boeing. The fuselages are loaded onto flatcars for the trip to Boeing in Renton, Washington.
The model 737-800 fuselage is coated with the same material that Spirit Areosystems applies to the actual fuselages prior to loading. The model is 13.75” long and 1.48” wide at the main mounting point. The fuselage weighs 8.2 ounces.

The mounts and brush cutter are all made in house. A steel deck is made to fit the Atlas 89’ flatcar and accept the fuselage mounts. Appropriate decals are applied to the flat car. The idler flat car is an Atlas flatcar upgraded with a steel deck, AEI tags, Hi-Tech air hoses, grab irons, ratchet brake appliance, proper decals, and Kadee couplers.

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