Custom Work

We are available for custom work and will create a load that is specially fitted to your car. Send your freight car to us for custom loading, minor detailing, and mild weathering!

Get in touch for a quote on your custom project!

See below for some of our custom work and freight car loads on customer cars.






This 1/48th scale model of a Vacuworx machine attachment for a Cat track hoe. This machine can move coated steel pipe by making a vacumn connection to the pipe. This allows the pipe to be moved with out damage to the coating applied to the pipe.


This coated steel line pipe was built to fit this 1/48th scale flatbed trailer. Banding straps, custom decals and laser cut wood dunnage were added to finish out this model.

This HO scale double tracked scrap unloader was built of a photograph received from Denmark.




custom 16

custom 15






custom train model

custom model train

custom train model

custom train model

custom train model

custom train model

custom train model

custom train model

custom train model

Wreck Damaged Coal Hopper 288 216

Wreck Damaged Covered Hopper

Wreck Damaged Tank Car

Wreck Damaged Coal Hopper 2

Custom Gondola Scrap 1

Custom Plate Steel Load 1

Custom Gondola Scrap 2

Fiberspar customer car

O Scale Custom Car 288 216

High Wide HO customer car 288 216

HO scale ExactRail bulkhead flat 288 216

HO Overland Models well car

HO Siemens on a flat car 288 216

Damaged Hopper on Flat Car 288 216

Tanker with graffiti

Siemens Car

Customer Car

Siemens Car 2