New Solid Rocket Booster HD Flatcar Models

Protoloads is offering a custom built set of the NASA Solid Rocket Booster transport flatcars in HO scale. These heavy duty flats carried solid rocket booster sections between Utah and Florida for many years.

One set will contain 6 of the Walthers heavy duty flatcars with a finely finished hood. These flatcars have been modified to match the prototype along with unique road numbers.

The set will also contain seven buffer cars. The lead Atlas buffer car will have clearance appliances installed. The last buffer car will have a Ring Engineering EOT installed.

All the models will have metal wheel sets, AEI tags, air hoses, uniques road numbers, and Kadee couplers. The 13 models in this set are lightly weathered. Each model is packaged carefully in a custom model box.

Yellow hood models can be custom painted and require a 10 day lead time.

There are enough heavy duty flatcars here to build 5 sets only.

One 13 car set $2299 via PayPal. Cash price $2200.

If you are interested in purchasing a set please contact me regarding the actual shipping cost to your address.

The Solid Rocket Booster hoods can be purchased separately for your Walthers Heavy Duty flatcars. Available fully decorated in white or yellow. Solid Rocket Booster hoods are made to order. Please contact me for more information. Single hood $179.

Lead buffer car for the Solid Rocket Booster set.

One of seven Solid Rocket Booster Buffer cars.

Last Buffer car of the Solid Rocket Booster set with A Ring Engineering EOT.

One of 6 solid Rocket Booster Heavy Duty Flatcars per set.

Solid Rocket Booster hoods for your heavy duty flatcar.