Modified Walther HO scale bulkheads flatcar with hot steel slabs


A month ago I noticed these hot steel slab bulkheads flatcars on the Virtual Railfan live webcam at Deshler, Ohio. CSX shuttles these cars between the steel mill near River Rouge, Michigan and the AK steel mill facility near Middletown, Ohio almost on a daily basis. With the help of a Virtual Railfan moderator I was able to obtain some dimensional data on these flatcars as they passed the Deshler webcam.
I found that the HO scale Walthers bulkhead flatcar was a good starting point for this model. After cutting down the bulkheads and removing the pockets the model was rebuilt, painted, decorated for hot slab service with IFRX reporting marks. The steel slabs that are included with the model are removable. 18 of these models are available with unique reporting marks.
Each model features many laser cut parts, AEI tags, Hi-Tech air hoses, removable steel slab set, and made couplers. Each model is shipped in out custom model box. The models are lightly weathered. Custom cut slabs are available.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 6 x 3 in

IFRX 3010, IFRX 3020, IFRX 3037, IFRX 3039, IFRX 3041, IFRX 3045, IFRX 3046, IFRX 3050, IFRX 3051, IFRX 3053, IFRX 3054, IFRX 3055, IFRX 3057, IFRX 3059, IFRX 3061, IFRX 3062, IFRX 3063